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SoCoDivka Designs is on Hiatus Ya’ll!

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If you’ve stopped by the shop, you’ve see that I posted that my studio is closed temporarily as we renovate and prepare for the birth of our baby girl Zora this November!

Oh Baby!
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Thank you so, so much for your support over the years!



So This is the New Year…

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broken footI hope 2013 is off to a wonderful year for all of you! Sorry for the radio silence over on my end. Just four days into the New Year, I had a bad fall and broke my foot (thanks to leftover sciatica from a car wreck). The fifth metatarsal on my left foot to be exact. Which turns out to mean no walking at all for six weeks! It’s hard to not let news like that at the start of a what seemed like a promising new year dampen my spirit a little bit. And no walking means I am on crutches/a knee walker for my 35th birthday at the end of the month and Valentine’s Day, too.

I’m trying to stay positive and learn some lessons from it all. I’ve joked that 2013’s big lesson to me is patience! Just before it happened, I’d been thinking of all the things I’d wanted to accomplish in 2013. I think this was a big message to slooooooow it down.

get well soon flowers

I’ve been debating a lot lately, too, what the future of SoCoDivka Designs looks like. I started in 2009 as a creative outlet to a very uncreative webmaster career at the time. Etsy was just beginning to rise in popularity, and it was an easy and fun way to get found. But now, almost four years later, I’m running another business, Nostalgia Film, that I co-founded in 2010. As it continues to grow, I find myself devoting more and more time to it. When my husband took a full-time television position late last summer, I quickly found myself as a full-time editor, teaching myself rapidly and taking a course at the Austin School of Film to fill in the gaps. Being an event filmmaker/editor has allowed me to express my creativity in a whole new way and make art that really has an impact on people’s lives, creating heirlooms that they will enjoy for many years. The emotional reward from it is priceless.

valentines day jewelry gifts So, I find myself with less and less time to create jewelry. I still enjoy it and do it as time allows, but my production has slowed. Two of my consignment boutiques and I parted ways last year, so now I am exclusively on etsy. I’m still giving thought to the occasional event, and have applied to the February Austin Flea (before the broken foot, so even if I do get in, it will be a huge challenge to pull off). And now that I work many weekends filming weddings, it’s harder and harder to take off for events.

For the time being, find my work online. In addition to jewelry, I have medium-format film photography in my shop, too. I’m having a 25% off Valentine’s Day Sale on select picks! 

Next time, I hope I have more exciting new to report! Thanks for continuing on this journey with me. As I figure out my next steps–literally and figuratively–I’ll share them with you! Happy New Year!


What’s New at SoCoDivka Designs

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This Saturday 7/9

I will be donating a $40 gift certificate to my etsy shop at The Lonely Ladies’ Planned Parenthood Benefit. Come out for a chance to win that or a ton of other raffle items including things from: End of an Ear, Eastside Yoga, Cinema East, Eastside Cafe, Method Hair, Alamo Drafthouse, East Side Show Room, and a ton more! Featruring The Lonely Ladies DJs, Yellow Fever, Rebecca Havemeyer, Agent Ribbons, and a huge vintage trunk show featuring my friend Donna Barton of Slinky Whistle Bait and more!

Starts at 7pm & it’s free

New Designs

I will be working on a slew of new things this weekend for the site and for Lovely Austin. If you’re local, stop by Lovely Austin: they have many pairs of my rose stud earrings for just $10 and new brass bobby pin sets for just $12. Both make great gifts!

I also have some special new items up in the shop that are particularly dear to me–a one-of-a-kind necklace made with an estate brooch that would be perfect for a bridal look, and a very long locket, that has the perfect combination of brass components and pearls…

Other News

I recently participated in a wedding show for my other business with my husband, Nostalgia Film. I went about preparing for a wedding show, much like a craft show and sewed a custom table runner and three sets of bunting to match our business colors, which inspired me to add custom bunting back to my etsy shop!

My handsome husband

So, drop me a line below, and let me know what’s new? What have you been making? What events are you going to?

Happy weekend,


News, a Party, and Favorite Things

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Sorry I have been AWOL! Big work deadlines and wedding planning make a girl no fun! I hope to have a bunch of new jewelry of my own by November, in time for EAST, a show at a friend’s house, and the holidays. We’ll see how that goes. I am also looking into classes to further my jewelry-making education (whether that’s a MFA or just classes). In the meantime, my whole line is on display at Lovely Austin and they are having a PARTY on the 31st! I sure will be ready to celebrate that day as my work deadlines will have just passed!

Now for some new Favorite Things


I am a big fan of this metalsmith from NOLA’s two shops: Adorn & Conquer! & Ya betta’ supa don’t!
She uses metal to make jewelry about the issues and things she’s passionate about, and I think that’s awesome!

Adorn & Conquer is art for the body, jewelry for activists, and adornment with a message:

{SAVE THE GULF sea turtle necklace}

Every sale will donation $5-$10 (depending on piece) to the National Audubon Society, to help with the gulf spill oiled animal cleaning.

I had to buy this one, below, yesterday; can’t wait for it to arrive! 


I have been so distraught about the situation in the gulf with Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles… 

I love a purchase that will help these amazing creatures…

As a long-time SCUBA diver, I have a long-time love of sea turtles, and encountering them in the wild–on two occasions–has been among my luckiest and favorite moments in life. My sweet fiance even has a tattooed sea turtle on his shoulder! (The first time I saw that on our fourth date at Barton Springs, I knew he was a man after my heart. ;))


Here are some other awesome finds from her shops:

 {We Need Urban Farming}
Ya betta’ supa don’t! has more of her work, lots of it centering on NOLA themes:

I want this one, too! 

{crab love necklace}



{Nola Shotgun Necklace}


That’s all for today. 

Talk soon!


Shanna, SoCoDivka Designs

What I’ve been up to….

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Well, not making enough jewelry for one! I’m on it!

Almost all of my pieces are at Lovely, Austin, and I just have a small handful on etsy right now. What I do have up is 15% off through Sunday to for a Mother’s Day sale. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas!

This wedding planning takes a lot of energy!! But it’s coming together. My DIY save the date postcards went out yesterday!

We also got to go to Jazzfest in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities in the world, to see a reunited Simon and Garfunkel. I hadn’t been in more than five years since the storm and Mike had never been. (He fell in love, as I knew he would!) We ate delicious food –shrimp, oysters, crab, crawfish, muffuletta, po-boy–ran around the city, made new friends, and had as much fun as you can pack into 65 hours or so!

Happy Spring! An Update on All Things!

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Hi Everyone! My apologies for being a M.I.A. blogger. SXSW weekend I came down with a bad cold, and I’ve been missing in action for two weeks! I am finally recovering (and going to see Anthony Bourdain tonight at the Paramount, yipee!)

Not much in shop news to report, other than I am slowly getting new items listed on etsy that I made a while back for the Wondercraft Grand Opening and SXSW selling on SoCo that I didn’t get to do. (I plan on selling on SoCo in May–I will keep you posted!). I did get to see a few bands (including Low Anthem, the Cave Singers, Man Man, and She & Him)  at SXSW before I got really sick!

I finished up my silversmithing class at Doughtery Arts on Monday. I can’t wait to show you pictures of the rings I made, and a pendant, and earrings. I made one ring out of vintage foil-backed Harlequin glass and another ring of gallery wire and prehnite. The pendant, I made out out of antique, white, floral glass in a paisley shape. Plus I made some hammered bands for Mike and I and several pairs of earring wires. I will get photos up soon!

Other than that, a lot of my creative energy is going to wedding planning and wedding-stuff-making. I made a batch of aqua and red buttoniers for the fellas. I will take some photos of those, too.  And I customized a guest book and made a flower girl’s basket and need to start work on the ring bearer’s pillow. Plus I made an awesome hair clip for myself to wear! I need to make hairclips and necklaces for my bridesladies, too… I gave up on making my own veil though, and think I will order one soon.

Plus Mike and I took our first batch of engagement photos to try out photographers–it was actually a lot of fun. We ventured all over SoCo and South Austin. I can’t wait to share those, too… More wedding planning and crafts can be found over at my other blog.

Thanks for reading! Happy Spring!